There are many wonderful features of the south.  However, sometimes it lacks health elements that people need.  Many children lack a number of nutrients, and due to the lack of health and safety features in Mexico, they are not able to access the proper nutrients they need to develop properly.  These nutrients include Calcium, Iron, Potassium and more.

To solve this nutrition issue, I have come across one nutrient that can be made readily available to anyone in the world.  It’s an inexpensive replacement for iron – Lucky Iron Fish.  What this essentially is, is a little fish made from iron that you can cook in soup.  It can be used many times over and over again.  Through drinking the soup, you can receive the proper iron supplements you need.

This will help control the balance the deficiency that many of these children have.  It’s not just for kids, it’s for anyone requiring an iron supplement.  As for the calcium deficiency, I guess it’s lucky that Mexico produces a lot of oranges.  Calcium is needed for proper bone growth.  Without it, the health of your bones will deteriorate and will be easily broken.  That is definitely not something we want for small children who are going through developing bodies.


Hopefully eventually, Mexico can become a place where everyone is able to access these best iron supplements for kids as well as proper health care and safety.  Although parts of Mexico can be safe like Cancun, there are many other parts that are filled with hunger, disease and danger.  The least we can do right now is to try to fix the lacking of certain health elements.  As for now, this is all we can do without the government intervening.  We can look for more ways to provide nutrients to people who either cannot afford it or cannot get access to it.