Small apartments and condos are becoming increasingly popular options for people living in densely populated areas or empty nesters just looking to downsize from their mega-size homes in the suburbs. Minimalism is actually a thing right now with many people cutting back on things and living with less.

Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean giving up a luxury kitchen. Small plan living calls for compact kitchen appliances to suit. Good things come in small packages and these days this applies to compact kitchen appliances as well. Yet fitting smaller spaces with more compact yet high-functioning appliances can become a balancing act between style and space. Check out some of these stylish small kitchens.

Saving space in a small apartment kitchen doesn’t mean giving up power and functionality. Today’s small and compact apartment appliancescan deliver the performance you would expect from full size appliances.

Compact Refrigerators

Compact fridges range in size from the 1.7 cubic feet mini-fridge to the full- size 4.7 cubic feet, perfectly proportioned for the smaller space at only 19” wide. These smaller fridges come in a variety of colours from basic white, black and retro red to eye-catching black stainless steel. Imagine how great a 24” wide counter-depth fridge would look, sitting flush with the depth of your counters, integrating beautifully with your kitchen cabinets!

Compact Stoves

Even if your space is limited, your cooking need not be! Standard ovens and cooktops are 30” wide. When inches are as precious as gemstones, you’ll want to check out the 24” cooktops or compact built-in ovens available. You can even find a cooktop that is merely 12” wide if that will fulfill your needs.


You can still have an awesome dishwasher to fit your smaller space. You can find them in widths from 18” to 22”, depending on how much space you can afford. A portable dishwasher is also an option if you don’t want to give up precious counter real estate. If you are willing to forgo a dishwasher altogether there are many great countertop dish drainers to choose from!

Washers and Dryers

High-efficiency performance stackable washers and dryers can fit into a space as small as a closet. Who needs an entire room to do your laundry when a handy closet will do? There are many websites with creative storage ideas for your limited laundry space too!