The south is an interesting place. From New Mexico over to Southern California you tend to see a lot of variation in terms of climates, cultures, and people. How exactly one defines “the south” is an interesting question. There is a rich history of turmoil and political strife over the land of the south. Much of Texas, New Mexico and surrounding states were at one point owned by Mexico, and taken during the Mexican- American war of the mid 1800’s. Mexico lost the war due to instability, lack of planning, and poor military leadership and strategy. This was a disastrous result of a bloody, and unfair war. You can read more on the wikipedia article, here.

The loss of the land (like almost all of Texas) lead into a period of emotional downturn within the country of Mexico. People wondered what exactly went wrong and what sort of political leadership led to this result. This in turn lead to a political turn where people began to wonder about the efficiency and quality of the Mexican leadership.

Mexico today is a very complicated country. There are areas like Cancun and Cayo Coco where tourists go and are incredibly safe. There are also areas like Juarez that many people would not be as safe. Just recently two surfers traveling through Bandit territory on the Baja peninsula ran into some trouble and faced a major issue with some mexican druglords. They were never found unfortunately. The only remnant was a burned out van that remained off of a main road.

Not all of Mexico is bad. Of course, there are some climate related issues that have emerged in recent times. The lack of the prevalence of the Humboldt squid is a major signifies that things in the climate may be changing.

Over the next few posts I am going to be focusing on a wide range of topics about the south- hopefully you have a chance to read further!