If you need to stretch out in beauty for 2019, on account of Pinterest, you can. Pinterest’s 100 is an alter of the greatest and best patterns for the year ahead, and we dug through the details to discover precisely what cosmetics, nails, skincare and hair patterns we will see one year from now. From lilac hair to striking lips, witch hazel, and almond nails, here’s all that you have to know.

  • Embracing your greys

You’ll never again be frightened of finding your first silver hair, in certainty, you effectively go searching for it on Pinterest. Scans for ‘going grey’ are up, demonstrating we’re prepared to grasp our silver roots.

  • Lilac hair

2016 was about smokey lilac hair, however, for 2019, we will see again the straight up lilac color. When you do the search in Pinterest, it’s an ideal opportunity to book that hairdresser arrangement to get acquainted with the greatest magnificence pattern of 2019, or simply leave your purple cleanser on that little bit longer.

  • Cropped bangs

Search for ‘cropped bangs’. It’s an ideal opportunity to channel your inward Bella Hadid and get those baby bangs.

  • Natural lash lifts

In the event that you’ve at any point had a lash lift, you will know how it can divert your lashes from zero to one hundred, in an hour and 45 minutes. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have room schedule-wise, or the cash, you’re not the only one. Searches for ‘Natural lash lifts’ including hacks like grape seed oil and aloe vera are up on Pinterest.

  • Liquid exfoliators

Liquid exfoliators are progressively compelling at evacuating dead skin cells, lighting up skin tone and night appearance. Searches for ‘liquid exfoliators’ are up.

  • Glossy makeup

Matte addicts turn away now since gloss is back and it’s more sticky than any other time in recent years. Not exclusively will we leave our matte fluid lipsticks for lip gloss, yet we’ll be stretching out the gloss to our skin, eyelids and wherever else we need. With high searched for ‘glossy makeup’, it’s a great opportunity to grasp the stickiness feeling.

  • Witch hazel

As skincare keeps on obscuring our cosmetics schedules, looks for ‘witch hazel’ have expanded in searches. Indeed that old school, spot-battling fixing just got a fresh out of the plastic new shiny makeover.

  • Bold Lips

In 2018, they noticed that insignificant cosmetics development truly challenged the substantial Instagram look. For 2019 get ready to trade off and match your scarcely there base with an intense lip, as a ‘standout lip color’.

  • Powder nails

In the event that you haven’t figured out how to kick your gel nail enslavement, get ready to wind up fixated on powder plunging, or SNS as it’s generally known. By utilizing powder rather than gel, your nail trim will keep going up to multi-month, with none of the harm of gel nails. Looks for ‘powder plunge nails’ are up in searches now.

  1. Almond nails

2019 is ‘almond’ shape. As we say goodbye to the delightful, yet illogical casket nail, ‘almond nail’ looks good for the upcoming year.